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Welcome to the second part of ‘Ideas for the silver jewelry unforgettable bachelorette party’ in this series of article we explore some excellent ideas for throwing a bachelorette party. Continuing from last time that we introduce the idea for an adventurous bride-to-be, here are more plan for throwing the best bachelorette party!


An alternative plan for party silver jewelry girls


   An alternative option to disco part and a very fashionable one at that is becoming increasingly popular among the participants/organizers of this type of bachelor parties, is the Beer-Bike (or bike-beer): an initiative that has its origin in Amsterdam and that is being raised, more and more, as a different plan when it comes to enjoying a few beers in groups and spending a particular day. What it is: a gadget that advances with pedals with room for groups of up to 18 people who can drink beer while pedaling and touring the city.


silver jewelry

   The beer bike can be rented for a particular time and usually includes a trained driver (The one that knows how to handle the steering wheel and the brake), a waiter (who is responsible for serving the beer throughout the tour), and even offers the option to play music (which, in most cases, can also be provided by the bride’s friends so that everything is suitable for bride-to-be test).

  Numerous companies offer this type of alternative plans in different cities. 


Ideas for beauty silver jewelry lovers 


   The “traditional” plans for a bachelorette in spa and beauty centers (of course, an option that is always ideal for this type of bride) we can add a bit more glamorous and modern alternatives. Among others, highlight the “nail party,” wholesale rings a perfect plan to follow a trend as fashionable and demanded today as is the nail art.


silver jewelry

  To organize the best “nail party,” you have to look for a specialized nail center that has adequate space to celebrate your party or even hire a manicurist to go to the place that suits you best. Sterling Silver Jewelry Ideas to complement the party and spend a fun afternoon: prepare cocktails and match them, by colors, with the different types of enamels that you will use. Or accompany the party of all kinds of games, goodies, cupcakes, champagne, everything you can think of to make the afternoon unsurpassed! The best: in addition to spending a fun and exciting day, all the friends will end up having perfect nails for the wedding ceremony.


Silver jewelry is a perfect gift for bride-to-be


If you want to give your friend, the luckiest bride-to-be, an unforgettable gift, consider buying high quality silver jewelry and surprise her with a little silver jewelry box packed. Silver jewelry is very versatile and can fit many outfit style, so it’s pretty safe choice as a wedding gift.

For buying silver jewelry, I recommend you to choose Hong Factory as your primarysilver jewelry store. Because Hong Factory is a Thailand’s leading silver jewelry manufacturer that produces a wide range of silver jewelry. They have served their customers for more than 48 years and always get complimented for their devotion in the silver jewelry. If you want to buy high-quality silver jewelry from this brilliant manufacturer, check out their website for more at

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